DeepeyeTM; It is a unique technology in the field that started in 2013 and developed after an AR & Ge process that lasted for four years. The first software developed in 2013, DeepEyeTM, has left behind the special analysis systems installed in the network as of the first tests and makes R & D investments in order to improve and advance its technology.As of 2016, DeepEye has established R & D offices in three major centers in the world, including the United States, and continues to develop technology.The system reduces the time spent analyzing the time to seconds, documenting all images and records, and producing digitized analyzes.The review of video recordings is spreading over hours, even days, and is inconclusive.DeepEye ™ delivers instantaneous reaction capability and durability, enabling analyzes that can take hundreds or even thousands of hours to be carried out in minutes or even seconds.

Human Mobility

DeepEye ™ is a that allows for extremely fast analysis of camera recordings, all facilities with the potential for any impermissibility, open spaces and indoor areas where human mobility is available.


The system is able to analyze the areas where the most and least mobility occurs with "temperature map" and it is possible to analyze the movements which are only selected in the whole day by marking any area.


DeepeyeTM Any event, person and / or object can be detected in minutes or seconds in the image archive of tens of thousands of hours.


DeepeyeTM is patented "AAE" technology that enables all daily activities to be analyzed from three to seven minutes.

Work on Server

DeepEyeTM Professional; build on server system and works with all VMS systems to provide online and offline analysis.Multiple analysts (usually five) are allowed to work simultaneously, 24 hours a day.

Smart City

DeepeyeTM is the only system in the world that makes the security of a city of five hundred thousand to two million with twenty analysts (four shifts with five simultaneous sessions)

Advantages of Use