DeepeyeTM Usage Advantages

Fast and instant recording and documenting of people, objects and events in the display, Extremely easy and efficient use, Turkish interface and usage support, Digitized data generation and forward forecasting data production capacity Patented "AAE" technology that enables analysis of all daily activities between three minutes and seven minutes Patented HMT feature disassembly of motion intensity Annual update and update feature

Tesislerdeki bir çok kamera 7/24 kayıt alarak binlerce Peta Bite kapasitede data üretmektedir. Herhangi bir “vaka” durumunda geçmişe yönelik görüntü kayıtlarının incelenmesi gerekliliği doğduğunda içinden çıkılamaz bir durum oluşmaktadır.

Many cameras in the facility receive 7/24 recordings and produce thousands of Peta Bite capacities.In any "state of emergency", there is an inexcusable situation when the necessity of examining the past image recordings arises.The recording time to be examined equals the recording time and the number of cameras. A record of about 480 hours is generated when a facility that has about twenty cameras is examined in an event that takes place within 24 hours.Even worse, in the case of analysis of past videos, the duration of the analysis can go back for a month or even three months, in which case tens of thousands of hours of recording can occur. Moreover; it takes between three hours and fourteen hours to detect an object, a person, or a situation sought in an hour-long video.The likelihood that human perception starts to slow down after the first twenty minutes and that the detection of the cases that have taken place or that have been detected by the disappearance of the perceptual selectivity after forty-five minutes is extremely low.

DeepEye has a structure suitable for different user profiles, allowing any event, person and / or objet to be detected in minutes or even seconds, even in tens of thousands of hours of image archive.With its professional and Enterprise version, the technology that made its first release after a four-year R & D revolution has revolutionized the whole world.

DeepEye Professional is a unique product developed especially for big integrated facilities, factories, ports and private public spaces requiring high security, including Security Offices, Intelligent Cities, Military Organizations, Border Security Organizations, Intelligence Organizations.