DeepeyeTM Why do you need it?

Every space where human existence and vehicle traffic are located becomes a scene of many legal and illegal activities in daily routine mobility.Generally, no record analysis is performed unless there is a problem. If it is necessary to detect illegal events, it is recommended to examine the retrospective camera records. This situation becomes an inexcusable event. It is requested that any incident be detected, or that any object, or person searched, be examined by the security officers and the persons concerned. Camera records are 87.92% inefficient. Desired person, object, event / case, even though it is in view, 92.27% is missed. In a sense, in any case, examination of past camera records results in 81.12% failure. On the other hand, the probability of successful video analysis (based on human analysis) with a human factor is limited to a maximum of 18.88%. In many centers with cameras, the aggregate image reflected on the screen is usually the responsibility of a single security officer.The human sensation starts to disappear after twenty minutes in front of the screen, and after 45 minutes, a large number of illegal atrophies and many illegal events can not be detected during the event.Analysis of archived records is required in order to detect and document the event in the vast majority of cases Human analysis of archival videos is much less efficient than watching live videos against the screen.The ongoing monotony leads to a serious blur in the perception The person watching the video will not be able to detect the event in the video with a probability of 92.47%, even if the case, object, or event is in the video.(especially after the first twenty minutes) In an operation where the number of cameras is fifty, there are 8400 hours per week, 36000 per month, 438000 hours of video recording per year.According to the number of cameras, the data capacity increases geometrically. The detection of an event that occurred within a week is inconceivable.

When any event occurs, it is important to examine past videos in an efficient and short period of time without the limitations of human perception to detect inappropriate situations.There are many unfortunate events all over the world that can get into the field of DeepEyeTM Professional and prevent the event from happening.In Turkey, it was a very attack will be an example to this event.The system, which generates realtime alarms, can generate alarms when there is more than normal crowd, when societal events occur, or when mobility outside the normal range occurs in the defined areas.DeepEye Professional is a unique product developed especially for big integrated facilities, factories, ports and private public spaces requiring high security, including Security Offices, Intelligent Cities, Military Organizations, Border Security Organizations, Intelligence Organizations.